Monday, 17 November 2014

Anton's Mine craft Blog week 4

Week 4
At morning tea we walked down to the south library and we walked in the computer room and reviewed on our treaty. then we went onto our padlet goals and choose one. We heard that someone hacked the world and placed water all over our world. they also broke my ELEVATOR so I had to break it and rebuild it for the 3rd time.Now it works even better than before.

We worked on the 1st story and and when we were done we headed on and made the walls for the second story. I made a elevator that goes up to third story after we made the walls one high. I had trouble because to make and elevator you need to dig a 4 by 2 rectangle that goes 2 down, but on the second story there was only one block thick. So I had to make a dip in the roof off the first floor. The 3rd and the 4th are going to have the rooms and the 2nd floor might be the food court and the 1st floor is the lobby.

When we finish the hotel up to the 4th floor we are going to work on windows and the outdoor area.
in the outdoor area we have the deck and we are going to build some barbeques and we are going to have a fun pool and maybe a hot pools area. In the front of  The doors into the hotel we have a fountain that Myles made.

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